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Trip Report:


     Friday January 24th, 2003 was a beautiful clear brisk day as Lucy Ford, Betsy Graham, Lois McCloud, Beverly Balch, Rachel Labrecque, Debbie Swanson and let’s not forget our guide, Jeff Balch who came for the ride, left Baker River club house around 9:30 AM with their sites set for Lancaster, NH.  The official Ride was Saturday the 25th but these girls wanted to clock some extra miles.  The trails were great.

     We stopped for lunch around noontime at the Clam Shell Restaurant in Littleton.  Back on our sleds around 1:00PM to continue our trip to Lancaster arriving around 3:30 PM. We clocked 102 miles that day.

Two of the girls, Melissa Livingston and Melissa Johnson, our longest distance riders, left from Weare, NH and clocked 202 miles.  A GREAT job girls.

     Saturday the 25th of January was the 2nd day of the “Women on Snow” ride, all the ladies enjoyed a nice breakfast buffet at 7:00 AM at the Cabot Motor Inn.   A short meeting was held at 8:15 with Lucy informing the ladies of the day’s happenings and to answer any questions.

     The ladies left at 9:30 AM with Joyce Ball and her husband Jeff from the Lancaster Snowdrifters who were kind enough to extend their services to lead the group around the Lancaster trails. They brought us up to the top of Mount Prospect were we experience beautiful views and scenery. We then rode the trails in the Lancaster area. It was now lunchtime, so we proceeded to the Lancaster Snowdrifters’ clubhouse where the members of the club had lunch ready for us.  The menu included bread bowls of soup, american chop suey and desserts.  Everything was excellent; a job well done by the Snowdrifters members.

      After lunch, we proceeded to ride towards Twin Mountain and the trails  were great. We returned to the Lodge around 4:00 PM to get ready for dinner.  Some of us went down to the pool area to enjoy the jacuzzi and had a great time.

      At 7:00 PM we had a sit down meal with everyone recounting some of our riding experiences during the day.

     The “WOMEN ON SNOW” RIDE is to get more women involved in the sport and to also have the women recognized as part of the snowmobile community.  The benefit of this ride is to make new friends.  The other objective is to raise money for Easter Seal Camp Sno Mo.  Lucy Ford, NH Snowmobile Assoc. Vice President and member of the Alexandria Ledge Climbers Snowmobile Club organized the ride, she did a great job, THANKS LUCY and Linda Merrill from Advantage Motorsports sponsored the ride THANKS LINDA.

     This year 30 girls participated in the ride representing 12 clubs from 6 different counties and collecting  $1700.00 for Camp Sno Mo.

      Our Most Valuable Riders were:  Betsy Graham –Moultonboro s/m club, Carroll County and Lois McLoud  from the Snowdrifters in Grafton County. Our longest distance riders were:  Melissa Livingston and Melissa Johnson from the Weare Winter Wanderes, Hillsborough County. Our ladies collecting more money: Sullivan County: Blow-Me-Down Snow Riders  include: Joyce Lundrigan, Tara Lundrigan, Pam Wilson and Cathy St. Pierre.  

      The other ladies were Lucy Ford, Bette Abdu, Alexandria Ledge Climbers-,Beverly Balch, Lyme Pinnacle S/M club in Grafton County.  Stephanie Dane(our lost rider)Bow Pioneers-Merrimack County. Cyndie Gibbons,Sherry Carpentiere, Nancy Austo-Wilton /Lyndeborough Winter Wanderers. Chris Allison, Darnell Filleul-Uncanoonuc Mountaineers. Rachel Labrecque, Debbie Swanson-Merrimack Sno-Buds. The club with the most attendees in Hillsborough County was Weare Winter Wanderers with 9 girls:  Linda Merrill, Kelly Ward, Amanda Harris, Dianna Merrill, Jennifer Hellings, Kerrie Bunton,, Bobbie A. Wood(our other lost rider) and the 2 Melissas. Lisa Grampetro, Tina Davenport, Lesley Burnap and Jaye Jillson from the Easy Riders in Marlboro, Ma.  Let’s not forget our guide, Joyce Ball, from the Lancaster Snowdrifters in Coos County.

     Hope  everyone had a great time and hoping that we will see many more participants in next year’s ride.    Anyone having any suggestions for next year’s ride please let Lucy know some of your ideas. We are still looking for a logo for our ride please contact Lucy at her email address:


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