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Sno-Buds Final Chapter

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Welcome to the Merrimack Sno-Buds Snowmobile Club website.

Thank you for logging on! We think you'll find this site both fun and informative. We kept it loaded with all sorts of information about our club and include a whole bunch of links that will hook you up with just about anything related to snowmobiling.

The Merrimack Sno-Buds Snowmobile Club was formed in 1968 for the purpose of stimulating and advancing snowmobiling as a safe, family-oriented winter activity. We encourage a cooperative spirit between all snowmobilers and other winter sports enthusiasts who use trails on private and public land for recreation.

We participate in community events and give back to our community and our state by supporting worthwhile charities. We believe that all snowmobilers should be educated so we sponsor an annual off-highway recreational vehicle (OHRV) safety course (with support from NH Fish & Game).

We also like to get out and rack up the miles. If there's snow on the trails, the Sno-Buds will most likely be gathering for a ride. We do this on the weekends and even mid-week (to clear out the cobwebs, ya know).

Due to lack of trails and lack of new members we have decided to disband. Please read out final chapter




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